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Saved your private key in a file that is now corrupted or deleted? Microsoft launches a system that can help you to recover lost Bitcoins.

Microsoft announced this Monday (29) the launch of the File Recovery application.

Thus, according to the company, the new application is to recover erroneously deleted or damaged files.

Thus the system can be used to recover files containing Bitcoin private keys that were lost by accident.

File recovery

According to Microsoft so far it can only be used on PC with Windows 10.

The global technology giant also said that the application can be used to recover data from memory cards, HDDS, and SSDs if need help recovering Bitcoin contact us BLOCKCHAIN RECOVERY CENTER.

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There are three file recovery modes: Standard, Segment, and Signature.

Save lost Bitcoins

However, for those who lost their Bitcoins, in addition, to file recovery tools, there are other means to try to recover the BTC with the help of cryptocurrency recovery expert.

So, a programmer and Reddit user known as “Coding Enthusiast” recently announced the release of a tool to help recover lost Bitcoins using only part of the private key accessing the wallet.

The number of words that store the user’s private key varies from wallet to wallet: while some offer a 12-word system, others offer a 24-word system.

Thus, according to the developer, the new program simplifies what can be a painstaking and frustrating process when wallet data becomes damaged or corrupted.

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Although not the first program designed to recover lost important data, “Finder Outer”, as the new tool was called, simplifies the process.

The program has a simple interface, which allows the user to enter partial information for Base-58 or Base-16 private keys.

Standard mode is recommended for more recently deleted files, either on HDDs or SSDs on your Windows PC, or external hard drives and flash drives of 4GB or greater.

However, Segment mode is suitable for files that were deleted a long time ago, or after the disks were formatted.

The Signature mode, on the other hand, is indicated if the previous ones have not been able to locate the files.


It is estimated that at least 1.5 million bitcoins could be lost forever.

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However, according to CoinMetrics, not all were “lost” due to deleted or corrupted files.

According to the company, there would be around 1,496,907 BTC “lost” in this way

Developer “Alex’s bitcoins (he never revealed his name) are one of the examples of lost Bitcoins.

Mining Bitcoin in 2009, he easily accumulated more than 1,000 Bitcoins, however, he saved his private key on a USB stick that ended up corrupting the file.

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