Romance scams go beyond damaging hearts, they also lead to depressing loss of funds leaving victims depressed, engaging in drugs, or even worse.

Facts About Romance Scams

Service for Romance Scams Reports from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) say romance scammers made off with $547 million in cryptocurrency in 2021, with an average of $9770 lost by cryptocurrency by victims.


However, these figures are just the icing on the cake as some victims of such scams do not report them to the authorities. They assumed there is no means of locating or even prosecuting the defrauders.

Romance Scams , Different Types of Love Scams

Romance Scams

Love scams are amongst a host of web frauds utilized to scam cryptocurrency or get personal information such as security codes used to access victims’ individual wallets to transfer their cryptos. These scams can be run by well structured organizations as well as cryptocurrency traders.

Romance Scams , Personal emergency scams

Romance scammers are masters of disguise as they gain access to information online, gain their victim’s trust then manipulate them into transferring crypto into their portfolios. These alleged scammers first of all win their victim’s trust before they weave believable stories like needing financial assistance for a relative who requires medical attention, shelter or to invest in a business. Others victims are led by these scammers to believe that their new online company is a profitable binary trading platform which will sound to the victim’s ears as a great way of making twice or thrice as much money. The victim is then made to transfer crypto funds to the scammer’s fake investment platform.

Romance Scam and warning signs, what to look out for

Anyone can be scammed of their bitcoins, especially with the high impact of the cryptocurrency market. Scammers are experts in the use of online technology and psychological manipulation. This is commonly done on social media sets or online dating sites such as Tinder, Facebook, Instagram, etc, where alleged scammers proclaim fake love confessions to their victims in order to gain their trust ultimately before they start to make money demands and suggest the funds be sent to them through cryptocurrency. Some such requests from the scammer can be either for medical expenses, business investments, the visa application process to meet their lover (the victim), funeral purposes (for a loved one especially mothers), etc. The scammer can be very persistent and manipulative in order to get the victim to make the required crypto funds transferred to their portfolio.


Romance Scams , Protection of your privacy

There is a growing number of love scams daily. Love, they say is blind, and that may be the reason why romance scammers can easily strip their victims of their money. We understand losing money under such circumstances can make you feel down, that’s why we treat every case with utmost confidence and respect while conducting our investigation and solution approach.

Romance Scams , Investigation Procedures is best at conducting crypto- related cybercrime investigations, providing all evidence of a crypto-related cybercrime to authorities for the apprehension of suspects, and resolving all manner of crypto-related cybercrimes by recovering all lost, inaccessible, dormant, and scammed cryptocurrencies following legal standards.

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