lockchain Recovery Center (BRC) LLC is a financial service company engaged in the business of assisting individuals and businesses who are victims of bitcoin scams who have lost their money and assets converted to bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies. Our main objective is to recover scammed bitcoins, dormant bitcoins, inaccessible bitcoins in wallets whose passwords have been forgotten, bitcoins transferred to wrong or invalid wallet address, bitcoins whose wallets were deleted mistakenly or due to phone storage problems or virus problems, and other cryptocurrencies, for more than 7 years.

Blockchain Recovery Center
(BRC) is here to restore your financial status to what it was and help you get back on your feet.


At Blockchain Recovery Center LLC, we guide and assist you by providing the following services.

  • Recovering Scammed Bitcoins
  • Dormant Bitcoins
  • Inaccessible Bitcoins In Wallets whose Passwords Have Been Forgotten
  • Bitcoins Transferred To Wrong or Invalid Wallet Address
  • Bitcoins Whose Wallets Were Deleted Mistakenly or Due To Phone Storage Problems or Virus Problems
  • Other Cryptocurrencies

Are You A Victim Of Any Of The Above Mentioned? do not panic! You can recover every dime of it and we can professionally assist you in doing so.


Lost Your Bitcoins? Or A Victim Of Bitcoin Scam?

        It is rather unfortunate that many people have lost access to their crypto currency be it BITCOINS, DOGECOIN, ETHERIUM, USDT, etc, from the digital wallets where their funds, live savings, and even assets converted to cryptos are stored. This happens when victims are swindled through; romance scams or bitcoin trading platforms where their funds have been invested, and not being able to withdraw their proceeds nor the amount invested into the platform at the end of the trading period. There are also other ways to which funds, live savings, or crypto assets can be lost from a digital wallet which includes; bitcoins lost in a fork, inaccessible wallets holding bitcoins due to forgotten or mismatched passwords, and no access to recovery phrase or private key to the wallet containing bitcoins.

If you are a victim of lost bitcoins or bitcoin scam or know someone who is, and you fear that your bitcoin or crypto assets are lost forever, the good news is, there’s hope for you. We are here to recover all your dormant, lost and scammed bitcoins and help you regain access to your bitcoins or crypto assets today. Nothing is ever truly lost with bitcoins and cryptocurrency as a whole because we have a ledger off all activities taking place in the crypto space, all you need to do is to get the right help by contacting either our live chat support agents or whatsapp support agents to file for a charge-back.

Operations Carried Out By Blockchain Recovery Center

Inaccessible bitcoins and other cryptos can depend on various reasons. Whatever the case may be, you should know that the bitcoin space is complicated and to better understand the reason why your bitcoin is inaccessible, it will require an in-depth knowledge of the blockchain technology and algorithms which makes recovering bitcoins and other cryptos from the blockchain and external portfolios or digital wallets where your funds are stored or being held a task to be carried out only by top professional bodies with expertise knowledge of the blockchain technology and algorithms. To this effect, we recommend you use blockchainrecoverycenter.com

It may seem like a waste of time but it is a big win for you to seek help directly from blockchain developers since they are equipped with the resources and tools to carry on with the task of recovering and restoring access to lost bitcoins, scammed bitcoins and inaccessible bitcoin wallets to the point of a guaranteed success, especially in cases where your funds are lost in a fork or to bitcoin scams and you intend to successfully recover every dime lost.

Best Cryptocurrency Recovery Experts To Recover Scammed Bitcoin


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