List of top 10 coins that will help to get good revenue.

  1. WAX (WAXP) is, in my opinion, one of the most underrated blockchains, distinctive, fast, and scalable.

WAX already has its own sprawling ecosystem and a considerable fan base.

Also, the WAX token is now heavily rolled up and is being sold at its historical low of $ 0.05.

I think that the hype for WAX will come when people realize how cool and easy it is to handle, both for users and for project creators and NFT.

I recommend taking a closer look!

2. THOR Chain (RUNE) is a DEX liquidity protocol in the COSMOS ecosystem, which helps to exchange native tokens of the network for each other, without wrapping.

Those who have used bridges understand how much – it is dreary and inconvenient. THOR Chain helps to solve this problem.

Also, Trust Wallet the most popular wallet from Binance, announced that they are integrating this protocol into their wallet.

Well, you know…..

3. Aurora (AURORA) is a Level 2 blockchain built on the Near Protocol and is compatible with the Ethereum virtual machine.

Near – suffers from the fact that it is not compatible with ether and therefore developers are not so willing to build their projects on it for.

Aurora is an artery that will be able to bring new projects and users to Near.

And where there is, both the first and second, there is money.

4. illuvium (ILV) is the second game in the crypto world, after Sandbox, which has already played its part and there are much fewer ways to make money on it.

This game is just gaining momentum, and perhaps we are waiting for a repeat of the Sandbox scenario in a growing market.

The graphics of the game please the developers too.

I advise you to take a closer look.

5. Mina (MINA) is a Gem that has not yet reached the gaze of crypts, the hype and the trend for light blockchains have not reached.

The coin is very promising and the entry point is quite pleasant, as well as funds, the coin was not drained, so we are waiting for the pumping of money on the bull and you can fix the x’s.

Mina has a minus, it is an unlimited coin supply, so the coin is subject to inflation.

6. APTOS (APT) is the most hype coin of the bear cycle, whose team distributed $2,000 to its testers and $50,000 to those who registered the node.

It is also presented as a Solana killer faster and more scalable. Funds bought Aptos at $2.7, the coin is currently trading at $ 4.5. The entry point is no longer bad. Funds will pump the coin with loot when they have most of the splits.

Therefore, it is necessary to accumulate this coin now.

7. Beefy Finance (BIFI) is a centralized exchange with a cross-chain exchanger and a stable token.

He is engaged in attracting investments from funds and distributing them between promising projects.

Now the token is traded at the minimum price, the project has a great future.

8. Biswap (BSW) is a decentralized exchanger in the Smart Chain Vipapse network, which ranks second after Pancake Swap in terms of liquidity and trading volume. The development team constantly pleases and rolls out updates, the project is alive and if we take into account the number of hacks over the past couple of years, CEX collapses, then we can assume that the cryptocurrency is returning to its origins and will become decentralized, as it was originally intended. The token is now near its bottom of $0.2 per coin.

  • Bitcoin (BTC) I think there is no need to explain why you need to have a cue ball in your portfolio. The first cryptocurrency in the world, on which the entire market is still tied. Here is a complete guide and help to recover Bitcoin with the help of Blockchain Recovery Center.

  1. Digital gold with 40% dominance in the entire crypto market.

At the time of writing, the cost is $ 17,000.

I think that the market is not at the bottom yet and we can expect a slight drop and get our positions on the cue ball.

10. Ethereum (ETH) is a first-level blockchain and the second cryptocurrency in the world, on which thousands of projects are built and their number is only increasing.

The ether has a great future, there is money and media faces that push it up.

I think that in terms of capitalization, ether can bypass Bitcoin, so not keeping it in your portfolio is a big omission.

Look for the entry point yourself, and remember that a hacker recently stole $ 288 million worth of ETH from the FTX exchange.

Sooner or later, he will start selling them, which will put a lot of pressure on the price and will most likely roll it well.

This is exactly what will be a good entry point.

Not a financial recommendation!

Since everyone ignores this line and still buys the crypt without conducting their own research.I deliberately wrote a complete NONSENSE of my own composition, about one of the coins above)

Any project is important and needs to be studied independently, and not to invest your money, on the recommendation of an uncle from the Internet, whom you have never seen!

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